The MBA Kraków 2015 has been held in Kraków for the past 30 years as a regular event. Each subsequent edition offers an unique forum for exchanging ideas and individual experience among the architects from around the world. A diversity of accompanying events like thematic competitions, exhibitions, presentations and lectures makes it a totally unique event for everyone involved in any way with the domain of architecture in this part of Europe.

During the previous editions of MBA Kraków 2015 the accompanying competitions provided a perfect opportunity for both the beginners and the well seasoned architects from around the world to get noticed by the media. The projects were evaluated by the pre-eminent architects like Wojciech Leśnikowski, Pekka Salminen, Julia Bolles and Peter Wilson, Francesco Purini, Eckhard Feddersen, Günter Schlusche, Hildebrand Machleidt, Armando dal Fabbro and Peter Cook.

The exhibitions and seminars used to be graced by such eminent guests of honour as Frei Otto, architects Herzog & de Meuron, Zvi Hecker, David Mackay, Dietmar Eberle. All the award-winning works would gain international recognition and prominence, being also duly documented by the MBA Kraków 2015 in-house publishing venture.

The uniqueness of this cultural event consists also in its very location. Kraków is a city well recognized throughout Europe. This is owed primarily to its rich historical heritage; its landmark architecture playing a pivotal role. It is in this city that a continuous rivalry between the old and the new, the historic and the modern, the conservative and the avant-garde has gained much prominence. The ever on-going architectural debate seems to be embedded in the very soul of this vibrant city.

Prevalent economic and organisational constraints eventually made it impossible to go on with the originally established Biennale formula, so it was replaced by a Triennale. Through a diversity of organisational formats it has provided an effective platform for a great debate on architecture, also made open to the residents of Kraków.

Presently, the International Biennale of Architecture has been granted a perfect opportunity to reappear on the arena of the city’s cultural events in its original organisational form, as a Biennale, i.e. to be held every two years.

A chance to continue the long-established tradition of publicly accessible debate addressing current problems of contemporary architecture is also a perfect opportunity for stirring up a kind of brainstorm which is extremely conducive to raising overall awareness of the need to create a friendly, urban environment. Through continuing the long-established tradition of the MBA Kraków 2015 an arena of diverse interdisciplinary activity would be created, with a view to affecting and shaping up general appreciation of architectural culture across Poland, of heralding its achievements and advances abroad, as well as drawing an inspiration from overall body of experience in this field gained by other countries.